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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mystery Word Town

Mystery Word Town is the new game from Artigig Apps.  This mobile (iOS/Android) app follows the same familiar style as the Mystery Math Town games where a user has to travel through a town collecting letters to spell a word (instead of numbers to solve an equation).  Mystery Word Town features high replay value as students try to help the town's sheriff capture outlaws by spelling sight words.  They can interact w/ their environment and learn about the outlaws as they unlock new boards and characters.  Also, this game saves a user account that it makes it ideal for multiple users on the same device as well as the ability to select a users "game" level.

I highly recommend checking out Mystery Word Town by clicking here!!!

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Math Games

Math Games is an excellent site for finding free games grades K-8.  Also, a educator can search by skill/subject (Division, Addition, etc.) or by standard.  Best of all Math Games tracks students progress and differentiates instruction.

I highly recommend checking out Math Games by clicking here!!!

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Creatubbles is an excellent for sharing/collaborating on outwork in an educational setting.  The educational portal allows educators to create, manage, and monitor student accounts making it safe for classrooms.  Also, students can comment (pending moderators approval) on other student's outwork from around the world and use Creatubbles on any device.  Best of all, all artwork that is uploaded to Creatubbles is reviewed before being displayed on their website.

I highly recommend checking out Creatubbles by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo...

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Splash Math Summer Program

Splash Math is an excellent site/iPad app has recently announced their summer program for K-5 to help prevent summer learning loss and prepare students for their upcoming school year.  This is a free program and has students using the Splash Math program just 20 minutes a day.  Splash Math is a very popular online/app that can be downloaded by individual grade or in a complete package of 1st-5th.  Splash Math is aligned to Common Core Standards, can track student progress in real-time, and is self paced for each individual learner, and has lots of resources such as worksheets and more.

I highly recommend checking out Splash Math summer program by clicking here.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

10 Online Summer Learning Opportunities

It's that time of year again for my annual list online summer learning opportunities or programs.  Being a parent of four kids, I often find myself asking what I'm going to do w/ them when school gets out.  There are lots of options out there for parents but I wanted something that would be fun as well as educational.  Over the last few years Ed Tech companies have started to offer online summer "schools/programs" that are affordable and help prevent learning.  These programs help fill a gap that sometimes is lacking over the summer months and best of all can be done at the comfort from home.

*This list is in alphabetical order

10 Online Summer Learning Opportunities

  1. Brain Chase - Is a online five week program for grades 2nd-8th.  This adventure has students working in the subjects of Math, Reading, Writing, and more, while watching animated episodes and solving educational problems.
  2. CK-12 Brain Flex - A free and self paced online summer program that has students working on the subjects of Math and Science.
  3. Connections Learning - A nice collection of technology related online courses for Math and reading grades K-8th.
  4. DimensionU Summer Chill - A fun online competition that has students of all ages working in the subjects Math & Literacy in DimensionU's innovative 3D virtual worlds, w/ the chance to win prizes.
  5. Electric CompanyThe Electric Company from PBS is offering a 6 wk multimedia summer learning program that will focus on Vocabulary and core Math concepts.
  6. GoNoodle (Camp GoNoodle) - A fun and free online program that has students learning through play and other various educational activities.
  7. K5 Learning - A online Reading and Math program for grades K-5th w/ real time results and detailed reports.
  8. SpellingCity - A summer program for grades 1st-12th for Spelling, Writing, and Vocabulary.  The program is self paced and has over for educational activities.
  9. TenMarks - A free online adaptive program that has students strengthen their Math skills while receiving detailed results.
  10. Time4Learning - A fun online program for grades PreK-8th in the subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

Bonus (Not Offered Online)

  1. Robolink - A excellent way for students to learn how to program and build robots.
  2. Tynker - A fun way to learn how to program or code to build, games, apps, stories, and more.

Friday, May 8, 2015


Studyladder is an excellent site for finding educational resources.  These resources are designed for K-6 and cover a wide variety of subjects such as Math, Literacy, and more.  This is a great place for educators or parents to find, printables, worksheets, videos, educational games, etc.

I highly recommend checking out Studyladder by clicking here!!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Scoodle Jam

Scoodle Jam is a free iPad app that is designed for grades K-6 and ideal for Project Based Learning.  This app uses an Edmodo login for students to create stunning presentations, drawings, projects, or more.  Also, there are an abundance of educational templates or lessons for educators that are aligned to Common Core Standards.  Finally, this is an easy way to integrate technology into the classroom and can be used for any subject or curriculum.

I highly recommend checking out Scoodle Jam by clicking here!!!

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