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Friday, August 22, 2014

Puzzlin Pieces USA

Puzzlin' Pieces: USA is a new educational iOS app designed for kids 6-8 learning about the Geography of the United States.  The drag-n-drop puzzle game is designed in 3 levels helping the student learn about the states and their location by using the weather as a "hot/cold" indicator.  As the student progresses they receive fewer clues as their geographical knowledge is put to the test.  There is also a timer to measure progress and stars awarded for correct answers.

I highly recommend checking out Puzzlin' Pieces: USA by clicking here!!!
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Speaktacular Sight Words Edu

Speaktacular Sight Words is a innovative iOS app that helps children learn how to pronounce words and help w/ word recognition in Grads K-5.  The way this works is w/ their state of the art voice recognition technology as a student speaks the word displayed on the screen (can be turned off) or that is said to them.  As they speak into the iOS device using the built in microphone, Miko the Monkey claps if spoken correctly or offers positive encouragement if not.  Best of all, is the built in tracking that generates detailed progress reports of which words are spoken correctly or wrong.  An educator/parent can even listen to incorrect word spoken by the child as it allows for recording.  Speaktacular is aligned to Common Core Standards, includes over 700 words, and offers high replay value w/ rewards of solving a puzzle after a child speaks 5 correct words.

I highly recommend checking out Speaktacular Sight Words by clicking here!!!

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ZooKazam is a wonderful free iOS app for bringing zoo-life animals to life in beautiful augmented reality.  Educators are using this to "WOW" their students as they study and interact w/ bugs, animals, dinosaurs, and more!!!  All a user has to do is print out their "target' and point their iOS device to get started and enjoy using AR in the classroom or at home.  Watch as your children get amazed at growling T-Rexs, crawling spiders, and much much more.

I highly recommend checking out ZooKazam by clicking here!!!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rhythm Friends

Rhythm Friends is a fun iOS for young kids wanting to explore music or work on their musicality.  The way this work is a child taps their finger to the beat on their iOS device to play notes in this musical timing game.  Notes will scroll across a screen a person must tap it as the note hits the line.  Good timing will draw flies to their frog (Earl or Pearl), bad notes will make the flies go away.  The goal is to collect as many flies as possible.

I highly recommend checking out Rhythm Friends by clicking here!!!


FlashDecks is a great easy to use site for educators looking to create or find digital flashcards.  These decks can be used on any browser based device and can contain all types of media (i.e. images) and track student usage.  It shows how many questions a user gets right or wrong and used spaced repetition to help them learn a topic.  A user can also put cards into collections to help keep them organized.

I highly recommend checking out FlashDecks by clicking here!!!

EDpuzzle Folders

EDpuzzle the fantastically simple tool to turn any video into a lesson has just launched a new "folder" feature that makes it easy for educators/students to organize and curate their videos/lessons.  All a user has to do is login, create a folder, and then select the videos they want to add.  Also, a user can move a folder into a folder to make things even easier (I wish the iPad would let u do that).

For those not familiar w/ EDpuzzle it is a great learning tool that educators around the world are using to edit, crop, and add narration to a video to create flipped lessons or flip a classroom.  Also, they are using it to track/manage student progress, assess in real-time, and much much more.

I highly recommend checking out EDpuzzle by clicking here!!!

Below is a brief demo of EDpuzzle Folders...

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Teachability is a nice new social network/community for educators looking to share ideas, collaborate, find educational resources, and more.  As w/ most social network sites, Teachability offers groups or communities that a person can join on a specific topic, such as: first year teaching, STEM, personalized learning, etc.  Also, there is a nice forum feature that allows educators to ask and  find questions to their answers.

I recommend checking out Teachability by clicking here!!!

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